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Our Story

 The humble beginning for Mama T’s Country Kitchen was spawned just after Hurricane Irene hit the State of Vermont. Business owners, Theresa and Eric House began cooking lunch, once a week, for the Incident Command Center (ICC) in Rutland by the request of Gil Newbury. Mr. Newbury enjoyed the once a week cooking so much that he asked Theresa if she would be willing, and able, to cook breakfast and lunch for the ICC on a daily basis. The decision was made on the spot that she and our daughter, Cymberlee Prencipe, would need to quit their regular jobs in order to contribute to the disaster relief efforts. (Gil Newbury was the ICC commander during the entire Irene event and remains a good friend to this day.)  After the first week of providing breakfast and lunch to approximately 65 employees and consultants at the ICC, Theresa and Cym were asked if they would also provide lunch to field personnel who were working non-stop to rebuild the roads on almost every corridor within Rutland County. Once again the answer was yes!! Working long hours in a rented mobile kitchen, my girls cranked out, on an average, two hundred and twenty meals a day for the awesome state field workers and the ICC. It was at this time, we knew that God had his hand in this from the very beginning. We are honored to say, “This business, is a God driven business.”  Please join me in welcoming “Mama T’s Country Kitchen” to the Rutland area. I know that you will enjoy the atmosphere and especially the food that Mama T’s has to offer. Out of chaos comes order and out of disaster comes great things. Hurricane Irene was the catalyst that spawned this amazing adventure; an adventure that allowed us the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful State of Vermont. Welcome Home Y’all; welcome home. 


Here when you need us most!

Planning a party, wedding, etc.? We have so many different items to choose from. Beginning with a variety Hors D'oeuvres, and entrees! Add on a salad bar or desert buffet to make your event whole. Come on in to sit with us and chat about your needs!


Let us introduce ourselves

Take a break and come have lunch with the amazing Mama T and her amazing staff, Lexi and Kat!

Mama T is a born and raised Texan. She lived in a little town called Hondo, just out side of San Antonio. Her and her family moved here because, and I quote, "God Is Good." And ain't that the truth! 

Lexi is a born and raised Vermoner.. That's right, without the "T" because us vermoners don't pronounce T's. She began working with Mama T at a catering event for a wedding. Now, they're two peas in a pod!

Kat is a born and raised Floridian! Boy, does her southern accent go great with Mama's. Kat's southern hospitality is outstanding, and coming into Mama T's and ordering from her makes you feel like you should be standing in Texas!

Nice meeting Y'all!

Love from Mama.